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If you have an air fryer and you are wondering what you can cook in your air fryer then you are at the right place. Here you will find easy air fryer recipes that are low carb and keto friendly. My personal favorite that I prepare almost every single week is the delicious Air fryer broccoli Parmesan and air fryer chicken quarters

Air fryer recipes of green beans


Blueberry Compote French Toast

Fall in love all over again with this stack of delicious French toast blueberry compote. It is so delicious and very easy to make. It’s dripping with a creamy blueberry compote made with fresh berries and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It’s a perfect breakfast to express yourself to your loved ones. I have been having …

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Fluffy Horchata french toast

Enjoy a delicious breakfast with this Horchata French Toast topped with syrup and fresh berries. This will surely feel like a treat in the morning and it’s very easy to make. The sweet smell of vanilla and cinnamon will leave your kitchen smelling heavenly. What is Horchata? Horchata originates from Mexico, it’s a beverage made …

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Bacon wrapped-cauliflower-bites-drizzled-with-mayo-sauce-garnished-with-fresh-parsley-and-sliced-lemon.

Bacon wrapped cauliflower

Enjoy eating a healthy and delicious snack with these bacon-wrapped cauliflower bites. They are super easy to make and what I love about them is they are low-carb and keto friendly. Your friends and family that are on a low-carb diet will love you for this recipe. This post contain Amazon affiliate links, please see …

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Bacon-wrapped-oreos-on-a-white-plate-with-black-and-pinewood background

Bacon wrapped Oreos

You have to try these bacon-wrapped Oreos. They are a combination of sweet and salty treats. You might have seen this recipe making rounds on social media and thought to yourself why should I even consider making this? I was just like you and I must say I was impressed by the outcomes and my …

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Air fryer cucumbers

Discover a new level of cucumbers with these air fryer cucumbers. They are sliced up like chips and then coated with breadcrumbs to get that crunchy delicious taste we all love so much. Impress your family with these delicious crispy air-fried cucumber chips This post contains Amazon affiliate links. See my disclaimer for more info …

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Air fryer potatoes and carrots

These air fryer potatoes and carrots are a perfect side dish for your protein. They are so easy to make and in less time your dinner will be ready. Perfectly roasted till the potatoes are crispy and super soft on the inside. The little ones will love these roasted potatoes and carrots. This post contains …

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Air fryer beef fajitas

Air fryer beef fajitas – Tender juicy skirt steak with crispy fresh peppers to sweet roasted onions is what to expect from this air fried beef fajitas. They are my all time favorite Mexican foods. Serve this with tortillas and top it with cheese of your choice. Why you will love this beef fajitas air …

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