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Air fryer corn kernels

These air fryer corn kernels are a perfect side dish for any holiday feast. When you have a lot going on the top stove, you can just quickly pop these in your air fryer and let them cook while you are attending to your to-do list for the day. Why you will love these air …

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Air fryer sweet corn

Once you try this air fryer sweet corn recipe, it will be the only way you want to have your sweet corn on the cob going forward. An easy, quick side dish ready in just 12 minutes. With just butter or olive, it is sweet and juicy. This air-fried sweet corn is my daughter’s favorite. …

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Air fryer blackened chicken

With this air fryer blackened chicken, you don’t have to rely on Popeyes blackened chicken anymore. You can make this at home, it is so easy and everyone will be impressed with your cooking skills. This way of cooking chicken is by far my husband’s favorite. It is juicy on the inside with a crispy …

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Air fryer pulled chicken

Air fryer pulled chicken is great for your Burritos or Tacos night. They are so juicy and full of flavor, nicely sprinkled with paprika and black pepper. I love chicken because there is a lot you could do with it. You can make this shredded chicken for meal prep as well, it freezes very well. …

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Air fryer frozen chicken fries

Ditch the calories that come with deep fry chicken fries with these delicious air fryer frozen chicken fries. They are so crispy and crunchy but very tender on the inside, you are going to love them. These air fryer frozen chicken fries are a healthier copycat of the Burger King chicken fries. They are crispy …

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Air fryer lamb chops on a white plate

Easy air fryer lamb chops

Air fryer lamb chops rubbed with black pepper, oregano, paprika, and some salt to taste. They are so tender and finger-licking good. Once you taste these, it will be the only way you want to have your lamb chops. With them being ready within 10 minutes, they are great for a weeknight dinner when you …

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air fryer short ribs

Juicy air fryer short ribs

This air fryer short ribs are a good weeknight dinner because it is quick and simple. It does not require much attention. They are so tender and the fat is deliciously crispy. You can easily have that outdoor grill taste with these short ribs without having to do outdoor grilling. With this new gadget in …

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