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Hi my name is Mante

Welcome to my blog!

I am a mother of two handsome boys and one beautiful girl. I’m a wife who loves to cook. Cooking is simply my way of expressing love. Seeing my family’s faces lit up every time I prepare meals for them warms my heart.

My blog consists of a variety of low-carb and healthy recipes. I do my utmost best to serve the healthiest meals to my children without fail.

If you share the same sentiments as me, checking the list of ingredients on a recipe to help decide if I will try it or not. I don’t like complicating things with too many ingredients, so if that is you then you will love my family recipes.

I always keep my recipes inexpensive, simple, accessible, and easy to make. My goal is to ensure that you don’t overspend on groceries.

Below are types of recipes that can expect on my blog :

  • Air fryer recipes that are suitable for low-carb and keto diet lovers. I have been following the low-carb and keto lifestyle since 2018.
  • Healthy recipes that my husband and children enjoy very much and I’m sure your family will love them too.